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"Following two or three years of being on the Fest and riding a ton of downhill I was super into it, so I went to Red Bull Frenzy 2014 in Utah. I thought, 'Okay fella, this year you rode a great deal, you kinda need to demonstrate you're still there, sent it and land it.' And it worked so great – I got the win and I was stirred. Between us, me and Zink got first and second – it was wiped out. 

"Frenzy is the greatest freeride occasion there is for us; I would state, the main freeride occasion. I'm certain that I'd never have won Frenzy without the Fest, the Red Bull hops are colossal without a doubt, however buddy, they're not the extent of the ones we worked in Belgium – so you're similar to, 'These aren't even as large as the ones I was doing only for its love.' Yet now there's this gigantic challenge, so I'm going to send it again, you know? I'm simply going to let it all out. Furthermore, that is the thing that I did.

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