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"We were simply having a fabulous time, we didn't communicate in English once upon a time, so we weren't pondering making this our activity – however when we began recording for it, that is while everything begun. The taping trips were crazy; a helicopter, a sound person and RED cameras – it resembled a Hollywood motion picture for us. After a few years taping for them and going on these gigantic treks, I handled a twofold reverse somersault on my mountain bicycle and won Kokanee Crankworx in Whistler. That was insane, yet in the years from that point onward, I wasn't so fed any longer – I saw the game going towards littler bounces, a considerable measure of wood and some unusual highlights; it was going an alternate way and I wasn't so roused. 

"There were a couple of years where I didn't ride those challenges however at that point, in 2011, I marked with YT and got into downhill biking once more. When I attempted their declining bicycle – the Tues – I got fed; it fitted me splendidly – it was a crazy bicycle for hopping and I had a feeling that I could trap the thing, it kinda got me once more into deceiving a major bicycle and riding it more. I was pumped. So I began getting into greater hops, greater bicycles and recording downhill stuff. I think it helped me a considerable measure, I got stirred on biking once more… it was beneficial for me. 

"The Tues is my most loved bicycle ever – the way I see it is relatively similar to a free-form motocross bicycle: it's super dynamic, you simply switch springs for downhill or hopping, it's such a toy – it resembles a little earth bicycle that you can simply trap. What's more, the Capra is a bicycle you can pedal up whatever you need, at that point you can shred it like a mountain bicycle. It's useful for hopping – it's an unbelievable brute. The Capra is the bicycle that individuals see me ride less, all things considered, it's the bicycle I ride the most; when I simply go for a pedal ride, or go out with the puppies, or look at the moto hops, it's a super simple bicycle to ride and you can ride everything.

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