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Andreu Lacondeguy launched his own DIRT LOVE with YT Industries

Red Bull Competitor Andreu Lacondeguy has created and discharged, in conjunction with German gravity bicycle authorities YT Businesses, a mark Earth LOVE bicycle. 

Known for his extraordinary high bounces and audacious freeride soul Andreu has been riding with German gravity bicycle experts YT Enterprises for around a year now. Amid that time he rode utilizing a similar casing and it withstood every one of the rigors of the freeride MTB circuit. 

At the point when the season arrived at an end, YT Enterprises asked Andreu what he would change and he stated, "Hello man, this bicycle is fucking great! Abandon it as is it. Simply change the shade of the edge. I need it dark!" We don't have to think about what Andreu's most loved shading may be. 

Not upbeat to abandon it at that the specialized folks at YT Ventures rolled out improvements to the bicycle to streamline its flying characteristics in conjunction with the capacity to perform turn traps on littler hops and tailwips. Upgrades were likewise made to fortify the bicycle for the enormous uber bounces that Andreu makes without adding to the weight.

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